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Past Work

All the rage
(the princess and the pea)


Dream a Little Dream for me
Network New Digital Commissions
National Theatre Wales

2021 Lead Artist

All the rage

Part of Celf Ar Y Cyd, Artists respond to the now, this project focused on my uncomfortable relationship with clothing and where it is made, and the history of garment manufacture in west Wales. This participatory enquiry involved interviewing ex garment workers at the Hiut Jeans factory in Cardigan and working with some of them to create costumes for a short film which was accompanied by an essay.


The project also included training in experimental film making with UAL and mentoring from Daniel Trivedy, Bedwyr Williams and Angela Maddock. 

2020 Lead Artist

Datod/Datgloi (Unravel/Unlock) began as a Located Residency with National Theatre Wales. It is an exploration of the place where stories intersect: the history of Welsh wool transported to the Americas in the 17th and 18th century to clothe slaves and today's extractive modern textile and garment industry. My initial aim was to unpick the forces of colonialism, genocide, ecocide, racism, sexism and capitalist power. The residency was conducted through the first lockdown of 2020. And instead of the planned collaborative publicly engaged project it became a quiet meditation with me visiting and sitting with the mills of Drefach Felindre. The project led to questioning and unraveling myself, my identity, Welsh identity and concepts around heritage. How stories and histories get wilfully obscured when they don’t fit with the pervasive, approved narrative. I am continuing to research and write about this subject although it's final iteration is unclear.

May 2020

In this participatory art piece I collected dreams from all over Wales and brought them to life in a tiny puppet booth. Death defying chases, monstrous transmogrification and the warping of time and space were all rendered with simple and beautiful painted cardboard puppets with  live music and sound by Henry Sears.

Whether dreams foretell the future, allow us to commune with the divine, or simply provide a better understanding of ourselves, this was a moment to celebrate the subliminal and dive into dreams and all the weirdness they bring.

Each dream was live streamed as a piece of performance animation.

Watch all the Dreams here.

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